Ugly Drakeling
January 9, 2019
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Having a computer in your head is great.
Until it tries to kill you.

Bioware, criminals, and panic attacks

If you'd had the week I've had, you too would be a mess.

It started with my holo, my full body projector, conking out on me. I need my holo to go out in public because of my scopophobia. If you've never heard of scopophobia, good on you. It's a disorder that basically means, "fear of being seen." Yeah. It's a blast, and the reason why I haven't turned off the holo even once since my parents had the bioware installed for me when I was eighteen.

With the help of the holo, I've been living a normal life for the last ten years. Well, semi-normal, anyway. But with my holo broken, and trying to have it fixed turning into an Odyssey, my mental stability is breaking down. The last thing I need is to be making deals with a crooked bioware mechanic—but I may be out of options.

About the book

All Bree wants is to fix her holo. If it means selling her soul to a crime syndicate, she'll do it; anything to shut up the demons in her head. As Bree fights to hold on to her sanity, she sacrifices more than she may know. Will she figure out a way to keep both her mind and her freedom, or will she have to choose?

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