Bo Miranda

Writer, storyteller, grammatician

According to Bo, a great story must be so well imagined and told it shows us the truth that is hard to spot amongst the clutter of the real world. She attempts this time and again with varying success, throwing her favourite fantasy creatures and technological inventions into the mix for good measure.

She has been reading and writing furiously ever since she first learned to make sense of the squiggly lines on paper, and through thousands of German books she devoured in her childhood and English books savoured in her teens she has taught herself a lot about language, style, and two different grammar systems (three, if you count her native Swiss German).

Today, she writes in English, but even so she still draws inspiration from many of the German literary masters whose eloquence and stylistic brilliance first awed her.

Since she first discovered the miracle of the self-published book she's been an enthusiastic collector of self-published books and authors, taking special joy in the fact that writers were able to take complete control of their words as they journey into the world.

She writes essays about writing style and grammar, as well as on writing and publishing in general. Whether it be critique or praise, Bo wants to shed light on an aspect of the writing process and help readers and other writers better master the art of words (and how to string them together).

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Bo about herself

I don't know why, but it's true that I barely have eyebrows. This is not the result of an accident; I was born this way. Maybe the Mona Lisa suffered from the same affliction. But overall, I have done my best to bear my eyebrow-less-ness with grace. And without buying up the entire world's supply of eyebrow pencils.

I don't think my eyebrow-less state has had much of an influence on my writing, but I do tend to mention my character's eyebrows, their shape and thickness, which an ordinary author may neglect in favour of more pertinent information.

I write science-fiction and fantasy, sometimes romance, sometimes supernatural, always words, and occasionally calligraphy. I try to treat my characters and my readers with dignity, but I am flawed and sometimes I fail. I enjoy the journey and every story I write teaches me something new. Perhaps at some point in the future, I will reach a point where I feel like I know what I'm doing.

Most of all, I hope we can enjoy wonderful stories together and in the process learn to see the world in new ways as well as discover some truths that we've always known but never realized before.